Waves of Injustice and Trauma

I have been persuaded by those around me that I should write a book.  However, I am not a writer.  The only passion of writing that I have owned was creating picture book stories in elementary school.  I’ve briefly experimented with poetry, only to retract myself with anxiety of being vulnerable.  Writing is difficult for me. Being vulnerable is difficult for me.


Life experiences kept hitting me like waves.  These storms that have hit me throughout my life have created trauma, injustice, and a learned hopelessness.  After the traumatic event, you start evaluating the storm damage, and whether or not the storm could have been predicted?  That is when you come up for air, you see the beauty after the clouds drift away, you are still breathing … You can analyze all the pieces of your life that have created the perfect storm, and then you start thinking I need to warn others.

Waves of Injustice & Trauma

I am a rural social worker. I have worked in domestic violence, suicide, sexual assault, family preservation, child welfare, mental illness, childhood trauma, addictions, child sexual assault, and I have a lot of experience in toxic relationships.

In my own personal life I have survived a toxic parent, childhood poverty, sexual assault, an eating disorder, anxiety, workplace sexual harassment, depression, domestic violence, three attempted home invasions, two divorces, surviving as a single parent, a miscarriage, toxic relationships, a four-year ongoing custody battle, P.T.S.D., and most recently … breast cancer.  Most of these negative experiences have made me a victim simply because I am a woman.

My hope is, that through this blog, I will create awareness and healing for other survivors of being woman.

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